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Payments are for prepaid service.  To get the discounted rates of ($35.00 for 1 year or $90.00 for 3 years), you must pre-pay your service. 

Those users not using the prepaid service will be billed at $5.00 per month or partial month and are not eligible for a refund of unused service.  Users paying late will be assessed the $5.00 per month fee, until we receive the payment for the prepaid service.

You can pay by E-Transfer, or mail us a cheque, or pay using a credit card.

E-Transfer Payment:

To pay by E-Transfer, send your payment to : 

When sending E-Transfers, please include your email, name, address, apartment number, cell phone number and account number.  Please set the answer to the security question to:  osam12

Credit Card Payment:

To make a payment using a credit card use one of the links below.  There is an additional processing fee for using credit cards and will automatically be added to the total.  We do NOT store your credit card information because we use a 3rd party payment processor. 

You will need your Credit card number, CVC code, expiry date, email, the billing address for your credit card and cell phone number, in order to complete your credit card payment.

Pay by Cheque:

To make a payment by cheque, mail your completed form along with the cheque.  If not already on the cheque, please wite your name, address, including apartment number.  Also please include you account number.

Mail the cheque to :  Open Sez-A-Me Inc, PO Box 84,  New Dundee, ON  N0B 2E0

Credit Card Payment Links

$ 38.43

 $35.00 (1 year service) + $3.43 processing fee

$ 95.13

 $90.00 (3 years service) + $5.13 processing fee

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